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If you are looking for a maths tutor in Addlestone and surrounding areas of Surrey then call us today. GCSE maths tutoring is our speciality!
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Tutoring in Addlestone

I’m Emma Bancroft

 I help Parents of struggling children overcome obstacles and challenges in school and in everyday life. I am a Mindset and Educational expert that specialises in help children aged 7 – 16 years achieve incredible skills and results in Mathematics.

I use proven Mindset techniques that will give your child a success mindset for life, working with me children and parents are able to approach education with a new fresh perspective.

Throughout my school life I struggled with education. Misunderstood by teachers, I was labelled the kid that would never get anywhere. Determined to succeed by my own inner drive, I made it through university and became an outstanding teacher in the classroom.

Since then, I started my own Coaching Centre and heeded the call to reach out to thousands more students that will benefit from my own creative teaching style. Through Mindset and Maths Coaching, your child will develop a desire for learning and therefore learn through their own passion.

Empowering your child to achieve greatness in the classroom and in everyday life.

My Unique Process

Maths tutor for GCSE

A new way of learning

My unique way of teaching starts by looking at your child as a whole person, bringing him or her into the present and ensuring success with grace and ease.

Maths books

Mindset work with the student

My main goal is for your child to enjoy learning, increase their confidence and focus by fully engaging them in their learning and understanding process.

GCSE maths students


My proven techniques will clear the blocks to learning and get the results you want with 100% exam pass rate for my current exam students! Call me if you need GCSE maths coaching.

Client thoughts

“Mindfulness Tutoring provide clear tuition, small focused tasks and are able to help and give guidance. We really appreciate the feedback so we know how to help too. Having 1:1 tuition is making all the difference”