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About Us

About Us

Hello, my name is Emma Bancroft and I am a Educational and Mindfulness Tutor Expert. I work with children aged 5 – 16 years and their parents who struggle with helping their child reach their full potential in the classroom and in everyday life.

What separates my services from other Tutors and Tuition Centres is that I only work with parents who really want to make a difference in their lives and their child’s life and I only specialise in Mindfulness Tutoring, nothing else. Because of this, my clients receive proven techniques that work, 100% exam success and a happy, focused confident child. As a result parents and children that work with me get a more relaxed family life and record results in record time. This enables parents to save time and money and get on with enjoying being a parent and avoid the homework (and other) arguments at home with the family.

Best of all, the tuition pays for itself in the form of a happier, calmer family life, a successful achieving child and so those that work with me see results quickly and get great value for money.

Here at the Mindfulness Tutoring Centre we believe that every child and parent has the power to achieve all they want and need to in order to live a happy for-filled life.

All a child needs to achieve their greatness is to be engaged by being in the right environment with the right guidance.  Without this a child stays locked in their bedroom and feeling angry inside.

We believe, you as the parent and your child are already powerful and great and you have all the answers within you, with the right environment, guidance and support you too will develop and flourish into all you are meant to be. Without this, you will likely stay where you currently are.

Our Mission at Mindfulness Tutoring is to empower your child to achieve greatness in the classroom and in every day life.

We are a community to personal growth, inspired action, success in the classroom and we break through the barriers that hold us back from shining in the world today.

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