Basic Tutoring Results Package - Mindfulness Tutoring
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Basic Tutoring Results Package

This Package is suitable for the following students:

  • Primary School Pupils who are in top sets and who are close to achieving a Level 6 if in year 6.
  • Secondary School Pupils who in KS3 are seeking to achieve top levels in their end of year tests and are close to it.
  • Pupils in Secondary School who start their tuition for GCSE in Year 9 and 10 and are working on Level 4 for Foundation and Level 6 for Higher.
  • Year 11 students who are on Level 5 for Foundation and Level 8 or 9 for Higher.

  • You are able to follow advice and guidance without excuse which in turn gets the results you are looking for.
  • Who have a good home life and work/school balance
  • You are motivated, have a clear structure in place to do the work and parents are highly committed and supportive.
  • Students and parents that have consistent weekly lessons including during school holidays and understand that Tutoring is a process NOT a quick fix.

The package includes:

  • Free Consultation to ensure you are placed on the correct programme, with the correct tutor and we are the right learning Centre for you.
  • Initial Assessment with detailed written report and verbal feedback, this helps us to identify the learning style of your child and their processing and memory recall skills.
  • 4 hours of consistent weekly 1:1 Tuition every month for the full academic year, the sole focus here is on your child and their progress. Consistency = Progress
  • Exam development and past paper practise, learn how to ACE your exams with key techniques and skills. (For Primary and Secondary Exams)
  • Basic Mindfulness development on confidence and success in the learning process and clearing very mild blocks to learning. From here your child increases their enjoyment of leaning and, ‘I can’t’ turns into ‘I want to’ and ‘I can’ and therefore progress is made.
  • Verbal feedback at the end of every lesson and access to the online system with written end of lesson reports, so you can keep up to date with your child’s progress and development.

  • Full and Free access to the Membership site giving you teaching videos on all the topics in Mathematics needed for your year group.
  • Access to the closed Facebook group where you can ask any questions and receive replies from your tutor. You will also receive further videos on skills and techniques you can use at home and in the classroom. This in return boosts your confidence and knowledge.
  • Half price fees on all weekend courses which will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning in a small group environment. These courses benefit the home life, development of your child, current understanding of the world they live in and the world they are about to enter into if coming to the end of the school years.
  • Tutors FULL commitment and preparation of lessons, so you receive great value for money.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Easy payment plans available.


  • The course is located in Addlestone Surrey.
  • Easy access by Car, Bus or Train


  • There is plenty of parking by the local shops or in the local roads.


I chose Mindfulness Tutoring because both my children had good experiences with Tutors at Mindfulness previously. I am impressed with the level and depth of the lessons compared to what I expected. My son is happy with the way he is being taught. Emma is able to clarify problems and gives him the confidence to try. I would recommend you due to good teaching, proven results, being approachable and providing excellent information after each lesson.

Osbourne Addlestone