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Customer Reviews




“My son seemed a bit quiet when I came to pick him up after the assessment so on the walk home I asked him if everything went ok and his reply was, “I’m upset because I had to leave”. I was floored but at the same time doing huge, internal, celebratory somersaults, so thank you so much!!!  A great, positive start.”


Louise, Addlestone

“Emma tutored my daughter in Maths. She was wonderful and I have nothing but admiration for her. Watching my daughter’s confidence grow has been fantastic, but also watching her ability and marks grow has been wonderful. I would and I have recommended Mindfulness Tutoring to my friends. It is worth every penny!”


Eleanor, Weybridge

“We are really delighted we found Mindfulness Tutoring for our son. He is really happy with his sessions. He is a bright boy who really benefits from the one to one help. We are so pleased we found Emma as she knew exactly what he needs. My son thinks the world of Mindfulness Tutoring and will miss the lessons!”


Bailey, Addlestone

“Our son doubted his ability with regards to the new GCSE Maths curriculum but with Emma’s help he was able to develop his aptitude and approach the exam with more confidence. I have been more than happy with the service we have received and have already recommended Mindfulness Tutoring to friends.”


Karen, Addlestone

“I’ve been happy with Mindfulness Tutoring from the beginning as I have seen my son, Harry, blossom and his confidence has grown. Emma is a very supportive and understanding tutor and Harry has progressed so much under her guidance. I would definitely recommend Mindfulness Tutoring to my friends because of the positive experience we have had.”


Georgie, Addlestone

“Emma is an excellent tutor. She has supported my son’s strengths and wellbeing. I would recommend Mindfulness Tutoring to my friends.”


Susie, New Haw

“My daughter has been really positive about seeing Emma and I think has actually enjoyed the experience … to the degree that she has asked me if I can organise more help!”


Lenthall, East Molesey

“I chose Mindfulness Tutoring because both my children have previously had good experiences with tutors at Mindfulness. I am impressed with the level and depth of the lessons compared to what I expected. My son is happy with the way he is being taught. Emma is able to clarify problems and gives him the confidence to try. I would recommend you due to good teaching, proven results, being approachable and providing excellent information after each lesson.”


Osbourne, Addlestone

“We were recommended by a friend. The lessons are much better than we expected and the teaching methods are easy to understand. After just 2 hours of tuition I could see that my son was already growing in confidence with his Maths. I would recommend Mindfulness Tutoring to my friends. We are very happy with the service we have received. Thank you for your super tutoring.”


Morse, Addlestone

“Mindfulness Tutoring was recommended to us to help our daughter. It is not like school – they make it fun and interesting. The whole experience has been super.”


Raith-Riches, Addlestone

“We wanted a 1:1 tutor working alongside the new curriculum and read good reviews whilst researching the internet. Lessons are better than expected – very thorough, detailed reports and a feeling of understanding of my child’s needs. They provide clear tuition, small focused tasks and are able to help and give guidance. We really appreciate the feedback so we know how to help too. Having 1:1 tuition is making all the difference. There are less distractions at the tuition centre and overall the students have achieved the results they wanted. My daughter has learnt more in an hour’s session than in a whole week in school.”


Smith, Chertsey

“My son achieved an A grade in his Maths GCSE after all of the support from Mindfulness Tutoring.”


Beaumont, Addlestone

“My son is a very happy young man at the moment as he achieved C grade in English (Foundation) and A grade in Maths (Higher). Overall he did very well! A very big thank you from us all – he couldn’t have done it without Mindfulness Tutoring.”


Ansel, Surrey

“My son got a B in Maths after working with Mindfulness Tutoring. Thank you for all your help in getting him there.”


Patterson, Chertsey

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ian for his work with my daughter. She has enjoyed his positive and sunny approach and seems to really enjoy his teaching style and appears more confident with certain Maths aspects. I believe in time this understanding and increased confidence will filter into her school work.”


Monteregge, Addlestone

“The lessons were very helpful and better than I expected. I like the teaching methods and my son really likes the lessons. I would recommend Mindfulness Tutoring to my friends. It was very good for my son – it helped him a lot. Emma was very kind and knows what to do.”


Abbott, Weybridge

“Emma’s methods of teaching have been a great help with the understanding of Maths and my daughter has enjoyed her lessons. Emma is approachable, friendly, smart, knowledgeable and flexible.”


Dunn, Addlestone

“Excellent tutoring with Ian. My son enjoys his lessons which is a key to learning. The experience is helping with his confidence in Maths.”


Dorinda, Surrey

“I find Ian approachable, knowledgeable, flexible, friendly and smart. My son is comfortable and at ease with Ian and he feels the hour lesson flies by.”


Haynes, Woking