Fast Track Tutoring Results Package - Mindfulness Tutoring
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Fast Track Tutoring Results Package

This Package is suitable for the following Parents and students:

  • All students in any year group who want to make fast progress and commit to 2 hours a week on a weekly basis for the full academic year.
  • Your child is either unhappy at school, underachieving and being left behind.
  • Your child is a high achiever and you want to make sure they stay on track and require two subjects a week in any year group.
  • Students (underachieving) who want more than one subject and therefore are in their school years from year 10 and below; this ensures each subject is fully developed before reaching year 11 and therefore year 11 becomes a huge success.
  • Exam students who want to ACE their exams and get as much practise as possible.
  • Who want to develop confidence, enjoyment of learning and want to clear deep rooted blocks to learning so that progress can be made in every subject at school and in everyday life.

  • You are able to follow advice and guidance without excuse which in turn gets the results you are looking for, or you make excuses regularly and are frustrated with the lack of results you achieve and you want to overcome this.
  • Parents and students who want to have a calm well balanced home school/life so that every day is enjoyable.
  • You need or would like support in creating a clear structured work balance at home, such as when to revise and do homework and when to have time off, a clear routine ensures students feel confident and safe.
  • Students and parents who are willing to follow advice and guidance without question, on a regular basis and want to look forward to seeing the results.
  • Students with learning difficulties including ADHD, Dyslexia and behaviour challenges etc.

The package includes:

  • Free Consultation to ensure you are placed on the correct programme, with the correct tutor and we are the best learning centre for you.
  • Initial Academic Assessment with detailed written report and verbal feedback, this helps us to identify the learning style of your child and where they are in the school system today.
  • Initial Mindfulness Assessment which identifies how much Mindfulness is needed in order for you to achieve your results; confidence, processing and memory recall skills are checked here.
  • 8 hours of 1:1 Tuition every month for the full academic year, the sole focus here is on your child and their progress. Consistency = Progress
  • Exam development and past paper practise, learn how to ACE your exams with key techniques and skills. (For Primary and Secondary Exams)
  • Development of confidence and enjoyment in the learning process and clearing deep blocks to learning, from here your child increases their enjoyment of learning and ‘I can’t’ turns into ‘I want to’ and ‘I can’ and therefore progress is made.
  • Verbal feedback at the end of every lesson and access to the online system with written end of lesson reports, so you can keep up to date with your child’s progress and development.

  • Full and Free access to the Membership site giving you teaching videos on all the topics in Mathematics needed for your year group.
  • Access to the closed Facebook group where you can ask any questions and receive replies from your tutor. You will also receive further videos on skills and techniques you can use at home and in the classroom. This in return boosts your confidence and knowledge.
  • Free access to evening and weekend courses which will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning in a small group environment. These courses benefit the home life, development of your child, current understanding of the world they live in and the world they are about to enter into if coming to the end of the school years.
  • Free access to the online group coaching sessions via zoom, this is a great way to receive further tuition on a particular topic and ask any questions you have.
  • Tutors FULL commitment and preparation of lessons, so you receive great value for money.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Easy payment plans available.


  • The course is located in Addlestone Surrey.
  • Easy access by Car, Bus or Train


  • There is plenty of parking by the local shops or in the local roads.


My daughter has been really positive about seeing you (Emma) and I think has actually enjoyed the experience … to the degree she has asked me if I can organise more help!

Year 8 Student – Lenthall, East Molesey