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Free eBook

Complete your details and hit the E-Book button to receive and get instant access to your Free ultimate guide, even if you think that your child does not require tutoring!

My Step by Step Process saves you time, money and gets you where you need to be fast.

This has changed the game for many parents who once believed the task of finding a trustworthy tutor that can make a difference in their lives and their child’s life an endless mountain to climb.

If you are sick and tired of trying to get your child to do their homework, not sure if your child is on the right track, poor school reports or you just want them to get a pass at the end of the day, endless tutors and companies giving you their sales speech then this E-Book is for you.

In the E-Book you will discover:

  • What experience to look for
  • What availability to look for
  • How many lessons do I need
  • How much should I pay a Tutor
  • What qualifications should I look for
  • What can I expect when I call a Tutor or Tutoring Centre
  • What to ask when you are on the phone and speaking to Tutoring Centres and Tutors

PLUS, a ton on practical advice so you can go from being, stressed out and frustrated, to being absolutely sure that your requirements are being met and you put your child with the best Tutor possible and receive great results in record time.


Emma Bancroft

Director and Fully Qualified Teacher

Mindfulness Tutoring