Meet The Founder - Mindfulness Tutoring
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Meet The Founder

Emma Bancroft is the Founder of Mindfulness Tutoring. Emma created and developed the formula and unique approach to education so that children can uncover and utilise their unique gifts and talents in order to learn and grow the way they were meant to.

Through this unique technique Emma has received outstanding after outstanding reports by OFSTED and is well recognised in the field of education today.

Adopted at 6 months old, her parents divorced at the age of 11 years old and her mother moved to another country and remarried, she has certainly had an interesting journey in life.

She started her own education journey struggling to succeed with dyslexia (which has now cleared) and feeling more and more frustrated that half the class at school could actually get to a solution faster than she could. In secondary school she didn’t receive the support she so desperately needed and wanted, and therefore left school with little exam success.

She went to college determined to achieve, got her grades, went on to university and accomplished a degree in education with qualified teachers status and mathematics as her main subject. She knew that if she could do it then anyone that wanted to could.

During her time at university, a good friend introduced her to the world of Reiki and she trained as a Reiki practitioner. This path led her to many courses of self discovery. The crucial turning point for her was a 6-day retreat in Holland, sitting in silence, doing yoga and meditation. Although this took her many years of training, she now realises she could have reached her turning point faster had she had the right guidance in place from the start. This is what she wishes to share with all of you.

As she went into the education system, she felt more and more tied and she couldn’t give the time to parents and students that wanted it. This eventually made her look at starting her own practice. Teachers around her didn’t seem interested that she cared so much about a child and their achievement. Some attitudes were simply – “well they will never achieve anything so why bother”.

Mindfulness Tutoring was then born. Emma trained further in student support so that she could combine learning with clearing the blocks in the way. As a young girl, she was sent to a counsellor recommended by her school. She found that sitting there talking didn’t achieve what she was looking for and didn’t get to the root of the problem. So when she had finished her sessions and her parents had spent thousands, she was still no further forward and this is another reason why she trained as a therapist. Through her training she came up with a formula that pulled together different techniques to help children achieve.

She has now seen many students go on to achieve things they never thought possible. Although the methods she uses can go deep, they are done with the greatest respect and love to the student. “Clear the blocks to learning and give the child the opportunities they deserve”. Now Emma has the solution, she wants to share it with you.

Clearing the blocks to learning is a crucial part of achieving in school but is untaught by schools. This is not their fault. It is simply the fact that they were not taught to think this far outside of the box. Emma’s journey through school would have been much easier had this teaching been in place.

Emma enjoys meeting with parents and working with children and loves to celebrate with both child and parent their achievements when they work with her.

A note from founder, Emma Bancroft