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5 Steps To Supporting Your Child With Their Studies

5 Steps To Supporting Your Child With Their Studies

Feeling frustrated? Want to help and support your child with their studies but don’t know where to start?

Take a deep breath, you are not the only parent who has this problem; there are many parents who experience this.

Here is your 5 step by step guide to getting the relationship you want with your child:

Step 1

The first port of call is to admit there is a problem with your child doing their homework and to admit you are either struggling to support them or you just don’t know what to do. Accepting the problem is the start to overcoming it.

This is NOT a weakness, it is actually a strength.

How is this a strength? I hear you ask. Answer – Because you have just deeply connected to yourself and realised there is a problem. Now you have this connection you can overcome the problem by being stronger and more confident in supporting your child.

Step 2

Create a plan and stick to it. Use a huge piece of paper and write Monday-Sunday on it. Sometimes get your child to fill in the table you create. Put some pictures on it and use colour to bring it to life.

Where to put it: In the study area of your home, not in a child’s bedroom as this is their sleeping and resting place.

Stick to your plan and remember to plan in the breaks.

Big NO NO’s

  • Setting students 3 hours of homework/revision on a school time – this will lead to burn out
  • Changing meal times
  • Changing visiting time for the grandparents

Give you child structure and implement it gently. They will respect you for it.

Step 3

Go outdoors for a long walk and talk to your child. Really connect to them. Talk about their hobbies and the things they love.

On your second walk gently bring up school work and ask how it is going, show a real interest. Ask what struggles they have and support them to overcome them. Once they feel supported by you and not being got at, they will open up. I know I did when I was younger and had this problem!

Step 4 

Look after yourself. Self-care is crucial when you are worried about your child. Give yourself a break – you are doing a great job. Reward yourself, take a day off, go shopping, play golf, go to the spa or go to the footie, whatever makes you happy. If you have a great day then you can support your child to have a successful and great day.

Love yourself first, then you can support your child.

‘To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness’ – Robert Morley.

Step 5

Celebrate every success they make – even the smallest one such as getting into school, or making it through the day. School can be a real challenge for many students so praise and encouragement is crucial. Don’t forget to listen to your child. Put the phone down and really listen to what they are saying.

Don’t be hard on yourself – when you change first, watch how others change around you.

‘The flaws you see in others is a reflection of yourself’ – Richard Branson.

I know this is a hard one to register but watch closely and you may just see.

Have a wonderful February and remember, we are here to support you. All you need to do is make the contact.

Best wishes,
Emma Bancroft