Tutoring Lessons - Mindfulness Tutoring
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Tutoring Lessons

Who you are

  • You’re a parent who cares and loves their child deeply on every level and wants the very best for them.
  • You so badly want to help your child to achieve and stay on track in everyday life and within the school system but you don’t always know where to start.

What your challenges tend to be

  • You feel everything is fine and the school report has good grades on so there’s nothing to worry about. Suddenly the major exams are upon your child and you find that all their friends have had support for the last few years and you haven’t. You fall into a whirlwind of not knowing where to look or which way to turn or whether your child needs support or not.
  • You feel stuck, you feel like a failure and you don’t know what to do.
  • Maybe another school report has come in with poor or average marks or perhaps teacher’s comments are yet again not what you had hoped for.
  • A parents evening has left you feeling confused and drained.
  • You have been given strategies but you are unsure how to implement them and you feel you have tried everything and it feels like nothing is working.
  • Perhaps your child struggles with homework, stress, anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia, focus, concentration, getting to school, revising for exams and exhaustion.
  • You want to help but every conversation turns into an argument or a battle and you feel your child is not listening to a word you’re saying.

What you need most right now

  • You need a MINDFULNESS TUTOR who works on the academic development of a child and the energetic system, so that the blocks to learning can be cleared and your child can be more focused, happy and productive.
  • You need an ONLINE SYSTEM where you can receive the tutoring lessons and reports
  • A qualified SUPPORTIVE TUTOR right by your side